About us

We are three generations continuing what someone important before us started. Every now and then, you struggle, you argue and you consider giving up everything, but then the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of your labor in the eyes of a customer propels you forward. Always.

Meet us!

During your stay with us, OUR family will become YOUR family.


Maria Pia represents the TRADITION.

Although she doesn’t remember it, she saw La Rotonda being built and has witnessed it changing throughout the years to become what it is today. Now, she is primarily responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation of all environments, supervises the staff and, above all, keeps us on track!


Nicole represents the DRIVING FORCE

She is responsible for cooking and communication. Because she likes natural cooking, she tries to offer alternatives even to those with special needs. Whenever possible, she uses ingredients from her garden for her cooking.


Simone represents the INNOVATION.

The cartoonist of the La Rotonda, dealing with everything related to technology and graphics. In addition to being our flagship bartender, he is the taster of all culinary experiments.


Michele is the NEW GENERATION.

Guest relations are his responsibility, although he prefers those under 10. He’s always in a good mood, except for when he’s hungry or has just awoken. When he grows up, he would like to run a restaurant with all the walls painted red, and the kitchen painted black. Luckily, there are still a few years left.